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Fun for the Holidays without the Mess

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iPhone and iPod Touch
Version 3.0 software or later

Our Favorite iTunes Reviews

So much fun!

"The whole family loves this and the sounds are so funny and life-like when you drop a bulb.

Very good job on this app. Keeps the always bored 6 year old busy."

McLane7220 - Dec 7, 2009

Best Christmas App I have!

"I bought this last Christmas and I loved it then and it has only gotten better in the year that passed. A great buy, totally worth the .99 cents!"

T-music - Dec 2, 2009

Excellent !

"This is a beautiful Christmas Tree app! It is very traditional and not cartoon-ish. A lot of fun!"

seabrooks - Dec 1, 2009

Best Christmas Tree App

"The BEST Christmas tree app out there! I like this one even better than the one on my Mac desktop."

claidheamdanns - Jan 1, 2009

Greatly exceeded my expectations

"My original expectations of the application were fairly limited. Perhaps it would just allow dragging a few ornaments onto a tree, but I was blown away by the special touches that make the app truly fun.

1) The ornaments make noise and animate when you add them to the tree.

2) It would have been adequate to allow adding and removing ornaments, but you can also move them.

3) There are 3 different options for lighting the tree

4) You can save pictures of the tree that you create in full resolution. Note: emailing the photos will reduce their quality.

I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by the app or its price. Sure, everyone wants free apps, but some are worth paying for. This is app is well worth the price."

S_Scott - Dec 13, 2008

Let the holidays begin on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You always dreamed of that perfect CHRISTMAS TREE and now it can be yours!

Decorate your tree however you choose with colored lights, ornaments, candy canes, icicles and presents.

But be careful not to drop any ornaments or you will hear that dreaded shatter!

Watch your individually decorated tree sparkle as you countdown the days till Christmas.

No clean-up necessary when Christmas is over, just save the Application for next year, or for when you get nostalgic for Christmas in July!

Environmentally friendly, no trees were harmed in the making of this Application.

  • High Resolution Graphics.
  • Two finger Multi-touch (Magnify and Move the tree to better position the decorations).
  • 36 Decorations to choose from (Lights, Ornaments and Presents)
  • 3 Christmas Songs to choose from by Kevin MacLeod.
  • 3 Different backgrounds to choose from (Default Gradient, Inside House, Outside by a Snowy River)
  • Multiple Sound Effects to add to the fun.
  • Animated decorations, watch them shake, drop and shatter.
  • Falling snow effect.
  • Family friendly: save as many decorated trees as you like.
  • Count-Down the days till Christmas.
  • Settings to choose if lights should blink, twinkle, or stay lit.
  • Ability to save your decorated tree as a photo so you can share with Friends and Family or use as Wallpaper.


Basic Instruction

How do I decorate the Christmas Tree?

When you launch the Application for the first time you are immediately brought to the decoration screen.
The decorations selections slide into view as well as the control tab appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you press the "Done" button or re-launch the application and would like to return to the decoration functionality, simply Double-Tap anywhere on the screen.

  • Adding Decorations

    By default a yellow box appears around the first ornament in the Upper-Left hand side of the screen. You can start adding decorations immediately by tapping your finger anywhere on the Christmas Tree. If you tap outside the Tree a red warning appears as well as a triangle border if you don't lift you finger you just move the ornament around the screen till you are back on the tree. Or in case you just want to "Break some stuff" release the ornament outside the tree and watch it fall and smash into pieces. Try it now, it's lots of fun, I'll wait till your done.

    If you want to add a new decoration you just tap on the decoration (light or ornament) you would like to add and the yellow box will animate toward you selection to show you the active decoration. You can now drag the ornament on the tree or just tap around to quickly add the same decoration.

  • Moving Decorations

    Choose the "Move" button at the bottom of the screen to switch into the "Move" Decoration mode.
    Now just tap and drag any decoration to move it around the tree. If you are having trouble selecting the tree you can scale the tree by using two fingers and spreading them apart just like other applications on the iPhone.

    An important thing to note is that the every decoration you add to the tree will be in front of the previous decoration. So if you add an ornament and then add a light next, then try to move the ornament you will be instead moving the light.

    Why is this you might ask? Well, every decoration is actually the same size so your finger can tap on it, just the image of the decoration are different sizes. So a good idea is to start decorating the tree with the lights first then add the ornaments afterwards.

  • Delete Decorations

    Choose the "Delete" button at the bottom of the screen to switch into the "Delete" Decoration mode.
    Now just tap any decorations on the tree to remove it.
    Ornaments will drop off the tree and be caught by a box just before it hits the ground. (Instead of shattering we will save it safely away till next year)

    To remove all the decorations tap the screen Four times (Quadruple-Tap) and a prompt will appear confirming your desire to start with a clean slate (Tree)

How do I create a new Christmas Tree?

Tap the first icon (Tree button) on the Left of the control bar at the bottom of the screen.
A new screen will slide from the bottom with a picker at the bottom and a text field above that.
Tap the "+" button in the Upper-Right hand corner of the screen, name your new Christmas Tree, and then tap on the "Save" button.

Add any new decorations you prefer to your new tree.

I created multiple trees, how do I switch between them?
Tap the first icon (Tree button) on the Left of the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

Select the tree name you want to switch to in the picker and then tap the "Done" button in the Upper-Left corner of the screen.
The sort order of the picker is based on the last updated tree either by Adding, Moving, or Deleting decorations are by updating the tree's name using the action button.

How do I "Update" the name or "Delete" a previously saved Christmas Tree?

Tap the first icon (Tree button) on the Left of the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

Using the picker select the name of the tree you want to update or delete.
For updating the name you simply tap the text field and using the keyboard type a new name. You then press the "Action" (Gear) icon to the right of the text field and choose either "Update" or "Delete".

How do I turn off the Sound Effects?

Tap the first icon (Tree button) on the Left of the control bar at the bottom of the screen.
On the top of this new screen is a Sound Effect preference switch, just set to NO.

Version 1.4 - November 15, 2010

  • New Functionality: Added a "Delete All Decorations" button to make it easier to clear the tree. (The 4 tap delete all still works as well)
  • Improved: Updated for iOS 4 and iPhone 4.

Version 1.3 - November 21, 2009

  • New Functionality: Added a "More" button to quickly change the ornament selection while adding decorations.
  • New: A green light has been added.
  • Improved: OS 3.0 code rewrite.
  • Improved: Snow has been softened and increased in size.
  • Improved: Settings are more graphical and have been rearranged for a nicer layout.
  • Improved: General usability improvements.
  • Fix: Memory Usage and bug fixes.

Version 1.2

  • New Functionality: Let it Snow (a new setting has been added to have animated snow)
    • New: Outside snow scene has been added.
    • New: Two new snowmen ornaments have been added.
  • Improved: The high quality selected background photos are now included when saving a photo.
  • Fix: If presents were added last instead of a light or another decoration is was not being saved properly this is now fixed.

Version 1.1

  • New Functionality: Ability to save a High-Resolution picture of your decorated tree into the "Saved Photos" album.
  • Improved: Increased the number of decorations from 11 to 29.
    • New Decoration types added: top ornaments, presents and tinsel.
  • Improved: Settings are now a separate screen and includes the ability to set light animation to (blink, twinkle, or stay lit) as well as showing a realistic background for your tree.
  • Improved: Improved the decorating functionality; the controls now fade and move away during the decorating process so you can easily see the entire picture, very helpful when adding presents.

Version 1.0

  • We're Live on the iTunes App Store