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Baby Tracker: DiapersOnly $0.99

An App that will Change your View of Diapers

iPhone and iPod Touch
Version 2.0 software or later
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For sleep-deprived new parents, it's hard remembering when you did what -- but not with Baby Tracker: Diapers!

With the tap of a button, Baby Tracker: Diapers records everything you need to keep track of concerning this “stinky” part of child rearing! Forget about journaling, lists and charts...Baby Tracker: Diapers does the remembering for you!

  • Easily record Diaper information by type: Wet (W) or Bowel Movement (BM).
  • Add detailed notes and/or quick diaper descriptions, including color swatches for tracking changes from meconium to normal BM.
  • Diaper history log grouped by day, with summed counts of both Wet and BM changes, ready to show your doctor.
  • Last Change functionality: your last diaper changing time is just a simple tap away, so you have an idea of when the next change will be.
  • Complete diaper changing totals: you can show junior just how much work he or she was later in their life!


Basic Instruction

Saving a Diaper Change

Tap the "W" (Wet Diaper) or "BM" (Bowel Movement) to begin a diaper change, you are free to toggle between the two states without having to Cancel and start over.

Wet diapers only allow you to save note information while a BM change will give you notes, fast description and color.

You are not required to set any of these setting, you can simply tap the "W" or the "BM" and tap the "Save" button.

Save message

Diaper Save date/time question
If you were in the middle of created a new diaper and you spent time writing a great note and then you get a phone call then the Braby Tracker: Diapers application will quit.

No need to worry, all your current information is saved automatically for you.

However, when you relaunch the application and 10 minutes or longer have elapsed and you tap "Save"; you will be presented with the dialog to the left.

Simple tap how you would like the date/time saved.

Editing a previously saved Diaper Change

Keyboard Instruction

Editing Mode
To modify either the Note text of the descripion picker you must enter ediitng mode.

There are two ways to enter editing mode:
Tap the edit button in the upper-right corner

There are two ways to make Edits:

  • Tap "Edit" in the upper-left corner.
  • Tap and hold in the Notes area to automatically turn on the editing mode, press the Close button above the keyboard if you want to make edits to the description pickers
Don't forget to tap the Save button when you are finished.

Finding out the last time you changed a diaper

Tap the "Last Feed" in the upper-right corner of the first screen to to display the last diaper change in days, hours, and minutes.

Deleting a Diaper Change from the history log

Press the desired day that has the diaper change you want to remove.
There are two ways to delete a diaper change:

  • Tap "Edit" in the upper-left corner, tap Delete Minus, then tap Delete.
  • Swipe your finger from left to right on the session you want removed, then tap Delete.

Adding, Updating, or Deleting the Fast Description Presets

This new feature lets you add new descriptions like "Daddy changed it" or "Diaper Leaked", make updates or delete the built in presets to better suit your terminology or native language.

You have complete freedom to 'Add', 'Update' or 'Delete' any description at anytime.
However, with this editing power comes responsibility, any changes you make will globally affect previous entries saved in the log.

For example, say you saved a BM diaper yesterday and set the description to "Runny". Then, today you determine that you rather use the term "Diaper Leaked" instead of "Runny" and you make the changes and tap "Update". The BM description from yesterday will now be "Diaper Leaked". If you deleted "Runny" instead then the BM description will now be blank.

It is recommended that you make all your Updates and Deletions when you first set up the application, then simply just "Add" new entries later this way you don't have to worry about making changes to previous Diaper entries.

You can bring up the Edit Description Panel when creating a new BM diaper or in the Edit Screen:
  • Tap "Add/Edit..." at the bottom of the description picker.
  • Add New Description:
    Make sure the picker is set to the top position (blank space), then tap the text field below and type a new description name.

    Next, tap and hold the action button (gear icon) and release your finder on 'Add', alternatively you can quickly do a single tap and then tap again on the 'Add' button.
  • Change or Delete a Description:
    Select the description you want to change in the picker, either tap the text field below and type a new description name and then tap the 'Update' action or simply tap 'Delete'.

Version 1.0.1

  • New Functionality: You can now Add, Update, or Delete the descriptions.
  • Improved: Added the diaper time to the navigation bar for the detailed view.
  • Improved: Reduced the opacity of the picker in the detailed view to more easily determine that you must be in 'Edit' mode to make changes.
  • Fixed a bug that would randomly causes the Day View to appear blank when quickly changing between screens.

Version 1.0

  • We're Live on the iTunes App Store