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Baby Tracker: Nursing

A Nursing Mom's Best Companion

iPhone and iPod Touch
Version 2.0 software or later

Due to an iOS 8 bug, Nursing will no longer be Available for Sale.


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With great regret we had to remove Baby Tracker: Nursing from Sale and there will be no future updates going forward.

iOS 8 broke the system call which shows an action sheet (buttons that slide up from the bottom of the screen) and effectively freezes / locks the app from being used.

Baby Tracker: Nursing launched 1 month after the App Store went live in 2008 and was the first baby tracking app on the market. Effectively setting the bar for all other apps to follow and launched the baby tracking category.

I want to thank all our customers who have used the app over the many many years and apologize that it was not financially feasible to fix the app for iOS 8 and future iOS releases.

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