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"The professional Interior Designer is a person qualified by education, experience and examination to creatively solve problems relating to the build environment in accordance with human needs."

Mathilde Windler

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We at anDESIGNed focuses on client communication, with emphasis on listening.

Projects ranging from a single room to an entire office suite or complete home receive the same focus on professional detail. Let us celebrate the design process together.

I can say with confidence "The Way We Put it Together Makes Us Stand Apart"

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anDESIGNed is also a leading supplier of luxury furniture, designer furniture, italian furniture, bespoke furniture, home & garden furniture, lighting, home accessories and designer home furnishings.

We have worked on numerous Interior Design projects internationally for residential clients as well as leading Hotels, Bars & Restaurants.

Explore our portfolio of international projects, including collaborations with leading hotels, bars, and restaurants. Looking for a new property to transform? Discover the exceptional amenities and connectivity of the Lumina Grand EC by City Developments Limited, situated in the thriving Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 area of Singapore.
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The main 3 reasons why you should buy a Zolo Roboblow

Buying a male sex toy is tedious. One has to go through so many features and criteria, let alone the price tag of each item. There are probably thousands of blogs and websites shouting out every sex toy. So it becomes difficult for the regular buyer to choose from the mass.

Here, we will be talking about the OG of all blowjob simulator toys. The sex toy we are talking about is the incredible Zolo Roboblow from this website. This auto blowjob machine has recently gained a lot of popularity thanks to its feature-packed nature and also to its brand’s intelligent online marketing techniques.

Zolo blowbot or the Zolo roboblow has simply taken the internet by storm since it arrived on the Global market. It boasts some fantastic features that cannot be ignored when considering male sex toys. The subtle suction capabilities and gentle yet gripping strokes can make any guy squirm in his place.

But before you label this article as an advertisement for Zolo, let me clarify that we have done our independent research and in no way represent or advertise Zolo in any manner or form.

Now, since we have clarified our stance, let’s proceed.

Here, we will give you the 3 main reasons why we think Zolo Roboblow is the blowjob machine that every man should own. These reasons are based on facts reported by men from across the globe and our product analysis.

Mind-boggling functionalities!

When most male sex toys struggle to give 2 or 3 different functions, the Zolo Roboblow boasts a hefty set of 10 incredible stroking patterns. Once you combine these full-length strokes with the warming feature of the Zolo blowbot, you will certainly feel the magic of this automatic blowjob simulator.

The Zolo blowbot has also managed to crack the code for suction masturbators. If you have used suction male sex toys before, you’d know how silly this feature has been. Most products either give an insane amount of suction or no suction. With its adjustable dial, the Zolo blowjob machine allows you to find your sweet spot.

The moaning feature of the blowbot also deserves mention. With high-fidelity speakers and accurate moaning sounds, the blowjob machine plays a synchronized audio track to enhance the overall experience and make you feel that you’re getting a blowjob from the girl of your dreams.

You’ll never be bored of the textured ribbed sleeves.

The Zolo Roboblow comes with 2 different sleeves. These sleeves have unique textures inside them. These textures are carved and formed on the basal layer. Unlike many toys, they aren’t made using another material or stitched on top of the base layer. This ensures a more authentic feeling.

If you get bored of the same type of texture any day, just switch the sleeve, and you will feel like it’s a new experience every time.

Also, you can spice things up using lubricant. Since it’s a blowjob simulator, just use a tiny bit of lube if you want to feel the textured sleeves, or else use some lump sum if you want to experience the real sloppy blowjob right from your automatic blowjob machine.

The point is, you will never get bored of your Zolo Blowbot.

The design couldn’t have been any better!

We have reviewed hundreds of male sex toys; truth be told, none of them are designed well. You can’t find one good product that can satisfy the innate desires of a man while being adequately designed for portability and aesthetics. The male sex toys are either made to be portable or are efficient.

If you look at this blowjob simulator, you will know that you’ve chosen a suitable sex toy. Zolo Blowbot kills the notion in style. This toy is a perfect blend of classic design and scientific efficiency. It is classy, sassy, and everything you’d ever want your sex toy to look like.

Furthermore, it’s highly portable. Just slip it into your backpack, and you will forget it was even there.

Lastly, the ergonomically designed interiors are a class apart. The interior sleeve perfectly wraps around the penis and facilitates a grip like none other. You’ll be left craving for more after each session.

So, what are you waiting for?

We have done all the research for you and given you 3 solid reasons why you should buy the Zolo Roboblow right now. The only regret you will have is not buying this blowjob masturbator earlier!

Novo Place EC Design Excellence

Novo Place EC, a groundbreaking project in Tengah by Hoi Hup and Sunway Group, is a prime example of integrating modern luxury with sustainable design. This executive condominium is designed to offer a sophisticated and eco-friendly living environment, perfectly aligning with the principles of design excellence promoted by anDESIGNed.

Strategic Location and Modern Amenities

Novo Place EC is strategically located in Tengah, providing excellent connectivity to major expressways and public transport. Surrounded by top schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, it caters to the diverse needs of its residents, much like anDESIGNed’s projects which focus on maximizing functionality and aesthetic impact.

Sustainable Living at Its Best

The development’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its green building technologies and energy-efficient systems. These features ensure a minimal environmental footprint while offering long-term financial benefits such as reduced utility costs. This dedication to sustainable living mirrors anDESIGNed’s philosophy of creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Legal and Investment Considerations

Investing in Novo Place EC involves understanding various legal aspects, including eligibility criteria, financing options, and resale restrictions. Prospective buyers are encouraged to consult with legal experts to navigate these complexities, ensuring a secure and informed investment. This process is akin to the meticulous planning and client-focused approach that anDESIGNed brings to its projects.

Community and Lifestyle

Novo Place EC offers a range of modern amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, and communal spaces that foster a strong sense of community. This emphasis on communal living and social interaction is in line with anDESIGNed’s mission to create environments that enhance the quality of life for their clients.

The Chuan Park – Modern Living Meets Artful Design

Nestled in the heart of Lorong Chuan, Singapore, The Chuan Park offers a unique blend of luxury and innovative design. Developed by Kingsford Development and MCC Singapore, this residential development is a perfect fit for the aesthetic sensibilities celebrated by anDESIGNed, where functionality meets elegance.

Every apartment at The Chuan Park is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and light. Large windows invite natural light into the spacious interiors, creating a bright and welcoming environment. This design philosophy resonates with anDESIGNed’s commitment to creating spaces that enhance the quality of life through smart, aesthetic solutions.

The Chuan Park offers a range of amenities designed to cater to a modern lifestyle. Residents can enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center, a serene swimming pool, and beautifully landscaped gardens. These amenities are designed to provide relaxation and foster a sense of community, much like the communal spirit encouraged by anDESIGNed’s projects.

Convenience is key at The Chuan Park. Strategically located near top-tier schools, shopping centers, and dining options, residents have everything they need within easy reach. This accessibility supports a balanced lifestyle, allowing residents to enjoy both work and leisure effortlessly.

Sustainability is at the core of The Chuan Park’s development ethos. Eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient systems are integral to the project, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. This dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with anDESIGNed’s philosophy of creating beautiful, sustainable spaces.

Luxury at Lumina Grand

Situated in the vibrant locale of Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Lumina Grand offers a sophisticated living experience tailored to those who seek the best in life. This Lumina grand executive condominium, developed by the esteemed City Developments Limited (CDL), stands as a beacon of modern luxury and convenience.

Lumina Grand is designed with a keen eye for detail, offering residents a variety of high-end amenities. The development features an expansive swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center, and tranquil landscaped gardens, providing an oasis of relaxation amidst the bustling city. Each unit is meticulously crafted with spacious interiors, contemporary finishes, and ample natural light, ensuring a comfortable and elegant living space.

The location of Lumina Grand is one of its most significant advantages. Residents enjoy excellent connectivity to major expressways and public transportation, making commuting a breeze. The area is also home to an array of top-notch schools, shopping centers, dining options, and recreational facilities, making it a perfect choice for families and professionals.

What sets Lumina Grand apart is its commitment to fostering a vibrant community. Regular social events and activities help create a sense of belonging among residents, ensuring that Lumina Grand is not just a place to live but a place to call home.

Discover the epitome of modern living at Lumina Grand. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and community in one of Singapore’s most sought-after locations.