anDESIGNed works out in full fledged setup with 26 strong team members.

CEO / Design
Jerel Bruen


Augustine Tromp


Fannie Borer


D'angelo Jaskolski


Ida Price

anDESIGNed offer full design services and consultations, keeping our clients updated and guiding them through the design process from beginning to end.

Meeting your expectations and customer satisfaction is our main goal. We insure that our selections fit your lifestyle, special needs and personal style.

Listening to and understanding our clients’ needs, we creates comfortable and practical homes with design solutions based on quality.

Our commitment to taking care of the details and getting the job done is especially important to our busy clients.

anDESIGNed team specializes in space planning and interior design for hospitality, retail, residential and commercial clients.

Each project at anDESIGNed is approached individually while an overall "team" work ethic is established for organization and comprehensive project control.


Project Conceptualization

Projects are designed around the client's concept or theme. Travel and varied experience accentuate personal resources and are reflected in each project.

anDESIGNed Inspirations

Travel throughout Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean have contributed to the overall experience of multiple cultures, patterns and native traditions.

Our Vast Experience

These experiences offer diversity and the willingness to explore a variety of conceptual design techniques in order to satisfy individual client goals.

Work Ethos @ anDESIGNed

Our ethos has remained the same over the years, with an uncompromising policy of sourcing original design to the furnishings market whilst offering value for money.

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